Why Macna?

Macna is quite simply some of the best motorcycle gear on the market.

Developed by serious motorcycle riders, Macna motorcycle gear offers many well thought-out features to help manage all types of conditions.

Macna jackets and pants offer ample ventilation and a multiple-layer liner system that WILL keep you dry! An innovative and user-friendly “Easy Cuff” external zipper connects the jacket and pants liners to the outer shell, allowing a smooth entry for wrists and feet. Macna motorcycle gear also has a ton of convenience features, such as a hanger loop and plenty of well-placed pockets. Not only does Macna motorcycle gear provide comfort in all conditions, it also offers excellent protection. For added safety, you’ll find reflective material in all of the critical places.

Macna motorcycle gloves are available for all types of conditions in styles for both men and women. Macna motorcycle gloves provide premium quality at a reasonable price. Features found on Macna motorcycle gloves include, high-tech and durable outer shell materials and sturdy knuckle protection.

Twisted Throttle believes enough in Macna motorcycle gear to be the exclusive distributor in the United States and Canada. It took 2 years of real-world testing in some of the most challenging conditions for Macna motorcycle gear to earn the Twisted Throttle seal of approval.

We think you’ll agree that Macna jackets, pants, and gloves are some of the most comfortable and durable motorcycle garments made.