Macna’s Lane motorcycle glove for women is a full-coverage summer glove made from soft goat leather.

The Macna Lane motorcycle glove provides comfort in warm temperatures. The Lane glove features soft goat leather and a mesh liner.

The Lane motorcycle glove comes with temper foam knuckle protection and a gauntlet to protect the wrist and to keep wind and water out.

You’ll love the curved “ErgoThumb” design, which mimics the natural curve of the thumb and forefinger, and prevents material from bunching up when gripping the handlebars.

Macna motorcycle gloves are designed so that the gauntlets are worn within the jacket sleeves. This prevents rain from pouring down the sleeve and into the glove while riding.

Women’s Lane summer motorcycle glove

  • Soft goat leather
  • Mesh liner
  • Temper foam knuckle protection
  • ErgoThumb
Macna Women’s Lane Summer Motorcycle Glove