Macna Women’s Motorcycle Gloves

Macna offers a wide range of motorcycle gloves for all conditions, in styles for both men and women. Macna motorcycle gloves provide premium quality at a reasonable price. Features found on Macna motorcycle gloves include, high-tech and durable outer shell materials and knuckle protection. Macna waterproof gloves use innovative waterproof membranes to keep your hands warm and dry. If you like comfort, then you’ll love the curved “ErgoThumb” design, which mimics the natural curve of the thumb and forefinger. A 30-degree wrist strap further enhances comfort and allows free wrist movement. Three categories of glove are available: Summer motorcycle gloves provide warm weather comfort, while offering excellent protection; 3-season waterproof motorcycle gloves provide protection from wet weather; cold weather waterproof motorcycle gloves offer cold and wet weather protection.