Become a Dealer

Who can become a Macna Dealer?

We provide dealer pricing to motorcycle dealers and motorcycle service/repair shops that operate a “bricks-and-mortar” business establishment and buy in wholesale quantities. We carefully check all new dealer applications to insure that they originate from legitimate motorcycle businesses.

How do I apply to become a Macna Dealer?

Download and fill out the Twisted Throttle Dealer Application form. If you have trouble downloading the form, Contact Us and we’ll fax one to you.

The completed form should be faxed to 401-223-6954.

Is there a minimum initial order for new dealers?

A minimum $750 initial wholesale order applies for new dealers. There is no minimum order size for subsequent orders.

When you fax in your dealer application, please include your first order with the fax or call immediately to place your initial order. Dealer applications will not be processed until we receive an opening order.

How can my dealership become listed on Macna’s Find a Dealer page?

New dealers will be added to our Find a Dealer page once their total combined calendar year purchases exceed $5000 wholesale.

Are price lists available through my Dealer Management System (“DMS”)?
Twisted Throttle submits its Macna item list to the following DMS monthly:

Download a Microsoft Excel (*.xls) item list from’s “My Account” page
(available ONLY when logged-in as a dealer).

This Excel sheet can be used to import our products into order management systems that are not specific to the motorcycle industry, such as Xsilva Lightspeed, Mail Order Manager, or other business systems.